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Waylaid, Aaron Yoo, J.P. Chan and Debargo Sanyal

Posted by on Apr 3, 2008 in Asian American, Ed | 5 comments


Hey, this is kinda cool. Check out this short film, “Dry Clean Only,” done by my pal J.P. Chan. The dude behind the counter, played by the wonderful Aaron Yoo (who’s been in “21” and “Disturbia”) is reading Waylaid in the beginning! How cool is that? It’s very cool. The dude in bloody clothes is played by the endlessly fascinating Debargo Sanyal.

The film was a part of the PBS Independent Lens Online Shorts Festival.


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  1. J.P. Chan

    Thanks for the shoutout! This film has been screening at festivals since 2006 and finally made it online at PBS in late 2007.

    Unfortunately, another film has already won the audience award there so no need to vote at this point. But do check it out to see a special cameo by WAYLAID.

    I’m looking forward to having someone read THIS IS A BUST in a future film…


  2. Lois Lane

    cool short. you’ve got some talented friends with good taste in books.

  3. Chez Ong

    The ever so ubiquitous Ed Lin strikes again.

  4. Denise Yu

    This is a great short film! I also loved Aaron Yoo in “Disturbia”, and I have spotted Debargo Sanyal in commercials recently for McDonald’s and Holiday Inn–very funny guy. And I read Ed Lin’s book “Waylaid” five years ago and loved it. I think it’s great that the book makes a cameo in this film, haha.

  5. Stacey Kim

    I really enjoyed this short film. And I especially love that all three of of the lead actors are talented (and good-looking!) Asian-American thespians!

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