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Time for Tourin’

Posted by on Jan 15, 2008 in Asian American, Ed | 2 comments

Corky Lee’s original photograph used for the cover of “This Is a Bust.”  The Pagoda movie theater was torn down in the 80s.

Corky Lee’s original photograph used for the cover of “This Is a Bust.” The Pagoda movie theater was torn down in the 80s.

Well, I’m about to embark on the first leg of the tour for “This Is a Bust.” Thursday, Sunday and then Tuesday.

I’m feeling good, though I haven’t yet decided what parts I’m going to read. Definitely Chapter 1, which is the setup for 1976 and all.

Back when I did readings for Waylaid, I would just jump in and start reading, without saying anything apart from “Hello.” But that’s not very audience-friendly. I’ll just be myself at these three shows, all of which promise to be extremely different.

I just love this photograph by Corky. Back when we were kicking around ideas for a book cover, I found it on a web site and asked the webmaster who the photographer was. No reply. That was a bad sign.

Of course, when I found out later that Corky was the photographer, he had no knowledge that it was being used — and without his permission. It seems that they’ve since taken the image down. He also took the back-cover picture of the mural that used to be on the side of the late, lamented Music Palace. I used to work this crazy 5pm-midnight shift and I would catch the double feature with the other scumbags there before going to work. The place is a demolished lot now, waiting for financing to clear the subprime mess and grow into a healthy condo to make Chinatown even more upscale.

In any case, plenty of time for more reminiscing at the readings! I hope I’ll see you New Yorkers in near future!


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  1. Ford

    Hello Ed,
    I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your book. I’m not sure if its based on you, but I too grew up in a motel. You rarely find someone who does, so I just wanted to say hi. I have tons of stories about the motel and I bet you also do to. You actually inspired me to sort of collate all my experience growing up in a motel. I do have a few question, but I don’t mean to be intrusive. You just don’t meet many people who grow up with our circumstances.

    Firstly, What do you do for a living, aside from writing. How long did you actually live in the motel. Any intersted experience that you left out of the book and specifically what actually happened at the end of the book, when the other family took over. Its been a year or two since I read it, but I remember your character basically had to cope by bringing in another family since your father was ill.

  2. Jessica

    Thank you for coming and reading at NYU! I have not gone to many book readings in my life and the few that I have been to have been horrible! Yours however was far from horrible – I had a great time and enjoyed the world you created within the room with your words – you brought your book alive. The book is wonderful I am very excited to own a copy – reading it right now!

    Congratulations on this new gem! You rock!

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