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This Is a Bust by Ed Lin, Out Now

Posted by on Dec 17, 2007 in Asian American, Ed | 2 comments


Yes, it’s here. Should be arriving at warehouses and select Barnes & Noble stores presently.


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  1. burnedouteyes

    ahhhh, gotta get me one….

  2. Kevin At

    How come you have “OROP DEAD” on your knuckles?

    Seriously, folks (since no one is laughing), just finished reading your second novel and just want to applaud and praise you. Also thank you: it was a semi-tough week for me and “This Is A Bust” provided just that immersion in another world I was craving since I wasn’t so delighted with my more-or-less real one. But your novel deserves better than that faint praise: it’s a great read quite apart from this reader’s condition while reading it. Funny, gripping, “compulsively readable” in the phrase that so many book reviewers seem to use lately (though I think it sounds like a mild mental disorder), and possibly even informative. Not that I look for actual information in a novel; that’s just a bonus. Like finding out that hunchbacks really DO own and operate Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. And besides, what do I know about Chinatown in NY in 1976. I was in Yuppietown on the north side of Chicago back then. You might be making it all up. But who cares? Either way: great work. Thanks.

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