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No Time for Losers

Posted by on Dec 13, 2008 in Asian American, Ed, Writing | 10 comments


I’ve read in the Harvard Business Review that successful people take the time to celebrate their victories.  So here I am celebrating with the greatest woman in the world, my wife Cindy.

Shucks, I won the Member’s Choice Award for This Is a Bust at the Asian American Literary Awards ceremony on Monday.  This is the second time I’ve won it, the first being back in 2003 for this dirty little book.

I’m very humbled, since this is the one award based on votes from members of the Asian American Writers Workshop.  The other awards are judged.  I’ve already run them down here.  Thank you to everyone who voted for me, but more importantly, as I mentioned in my speech (“so presumptuous of me to write one!” as I mentioned up on the stage), thank you for taking the time to read the book.

One doesn’t have to read books.  Most Americans who do read read only one book a year.  The average American reads zero books per year.

Don’t settle for average.  Especially with our new President coming in, let’s make a commitment to raise the bar, America!  Let’s all read two books in 2009!

Sounds like a slogan already!  Two in 2009!  Yes we can!


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  1. Parag

    I voted for you! Awesome that you won!

  2. bexn

    Congratulations again on the landslide win, Ed Lin!

  3. D. Cheung

    Congratulations for being awarded by your members. In fact, I have many reader friends who are not even a member, told me that This is a Bust a very enjoyable and intriguing reading. The end result is that it makes the reader to wonder what happened to this guy Chow after he left the Force.

  4. Doris

    You should feel honored – this was my one book this year!


  5. Chez

    Great book. Great author. Even greater fans. Myself included. ha! congrats man. Well deserved!!!

  6. Sung

    Congrats, Ed! I just heard the awesome news from the AAWW email. Well deserved indeed!

  7. Bryan

    Congrats, Ed! This book should absolutely be on everyone’s bookshelf this year and regularly read, re-read and copies given as great gifts to friends and families all over! Quite deserved!

  8. Allen

    Congratulations – now get back to work

  9. Chang

    Hey, Ed! Congratulations! Well done!

    I’m glad to be one of the weirdo Americans who reads alot. Write mroe so I can read more! Yes we can!

  10. Superha

    Love that picture!

    Wife: “I’m so proud of Ed!”

    Ed: “I’m so proud of myself!”

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