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New York City Readings Were a Blast!

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Gathering of some tribes at the Sulu Series at the Bowery Poetry Club, from left to right: Lisa Chen (author of Mouth), Thaddeus Rutkowski (author of Roughhouse and Techted), Nhan (founding member, Peeling the Banana), Vincent Young (founding member, Asian American Writers’ Workshop), Mr. Excitement himself and Bino Realuyo (co-founder of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, author of The Umbrella Country and The Gods We Worship Live Next Door, and editor of The NuyorAsian Anthology).

The readings at Museum of Chinese in the Americas, Sulu Series at Bowery Poetry Club and The Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program at NYU were great and ever so much fun! Thanks to all who came out!

The MOCA reading was on a rather inauspicious night, what with rain mixed with ice. This was the scene outside:


But what a great audience! What troopers! Thanks for having me, Nancy!

By the way, if you’ve never been to a reading before, you don’t have to worry about buying the book from the writer after — they would be grateful for you just showin’ up! Seriously. This one dude told me he had a reading for his book and two people showed up. His sister and a homeless guy. And his sister had to leave!


The pic at the top of the post is from the Sulu Series at Bowery Poetry Club. What a special night that was! For one thing I was reunited with Vincent Young and Bino Realuyo — we probably haven’t been in the same room in about 13 years! It was so great to hear them read again, their voices brought me back to the early days of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, before it had its own space or was even officially incorporated; back to when it was just people writing and reading to each other around a busted table. My new friend Lisa Chen read from her book, Mouth, a collection of poems just published by Kaya. Thaddeus Rutkowski, whose Roughhouse was also published by Kaya, surprised me by reading a section from Waylaid, the part about Thanksgiving with the mummy meat! Thank you, Taiyo, for having us!

Lastly was the The Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program at NYU! The wireless mike was a bust, but I prefer to use a mike stand, anyway. Especially when I don a tie.


What a fun lively crowd! And wow, the people I didn’t know outnumbered the ones I did! Thank you for having me Jack, Laura and Alexandra.

Wow, I can’t wait for the next series of readings comin’ up! See you there!


Left to right: Laura Chen-Schultz (Deputy Director), Henry Chang (author of Chinatown Beat), John (Jack) Kuo Wei Tchen (Director), Mr. Excitement himself, Cindy Cheung, Marilyn Torres, Alexandra Chang (Events Coordinator) and Kola Ogundiran.


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  1. Allen

    Good times!
    I look forward to seeing you here in L.A. at Book Soup in February.

  2. D. K. Cheung

    Can’t wait to share your excitement in L.A., Mr. Excitement!

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