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Word has been out about Ghost Month for a while, but here I am lagging the prepub reviewers. Well, shucks, this Taipei-based mystery is my best-reviewed book yet, garnering stars from both Publishers Weekly and Library Journal! Check out the trailer I made here:

I can’t describe the book any better than PW:

“For a guy who scoffs at the ghosts revered by so many of his fellow Taiwanese, droll everyman Jing-nan, a night-market food stall manager, ironically finds himself spending much of his time chasing one as he investigates the murder of his childhood sweetheart, Julia Huang, in this darkly comic thriller from Lin (One Red Bastard). Baffled by what the ambitious valedictorian of his Taipei high school class was doing as a skimpily clad “betel-nut beauty” hawking betel nut to truckers on a remote highway, much less by who would want to kill her, Jing-nan keeps asking questions, despite risks to his own safety. As he starts to uncover Julia’s explosive secrets with the help of their spunky former schoolmate, Nancy, Jing-nan finally faces the need to let go of the past in order to build a future, which one hopes will be revealed in a sequel.”

I don’t know about the sequel part. I conceived the story to start and end with this book.

Just kidding! This is the beginning of a series that will never end.

Speaking of never ending, the months of August and September will see me slogging through a great deal of the country. Come on out. I’ll be glad to see you.

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