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Killing Joke at Irving Plaza, Phooey on the Fillmore

Posted by on Oct 13, 2008 in Music | 2 comments


 Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, hee hee hee!

Killing Joke stormed into New York City for a two-night stand at “The Fillmore NY,” which is really the Irving Plaza — the only city one in three cities in America that sees the original quartet reunited: Jaz Coleman on vocals and stage creeping; Geordie on guitar; “Big Paul” Ferguson on drums; and Youth (Martin Glover) on bass.

The first night focused on the first two albums while the second night was focused on latter-day hits.  Of course signature songs such as “Wardance” and “Eighties” were played both nights.  Coleman wore a one-piece uniform both nights, ghastly makeup melting down his face.  He pranced around like an animated voodoo doll.  When not singing, he held his mike tilted to the sky, his arm like a pole arm of an electric trolley.  And the voice: Announcer of the Apocalypse.

If Coleman embodies the Killer, than Youth is surely the Joker.  Wearing a visor and clowning around a bit like Captain Sensible, Youth seemed to be enjoying the night immensely.  Ferguson pounded away on his kit like he had four arms — is this man really 50 years old?  Geordie was aloof and cool to the audience while raining down abrupt shards.  To the dude on keyboards: Welcome!  You rock that rig back and forth, you!

Coleman broke character a few times, dedicating a song “Love Like Blood” to late long-time bassist Paul Raven and also to give thanks that all four originals were able to regroup and tour because “the four of us haven’t been in the same room together since 1982.”

Great shows, both nights.

Oh, and a note to the Fillmore: How the hell am I supposed to tape the show when you make me check my bag! I have all my recording equipment in there!  Ha-rumph!


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  1. Chang

    Man, if you had gotten a live recording of them I would have done your laundry for a week to get a copy.

    Errrr, maybe I’da just asked you for it!

  2. R

    NYC wasn’t the only US city they played — they also hit L.A. and Chicago.

    I saw them in L.A., and they were phenomenal. Tons of Old School power…..and fun.

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