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I’ve Had Stuff on My Plate

Posted by on Mar 1, 2009 in Asian American, Ed, Writing | 3 comments

A Korean chain opens their first American outlet in America!  In NYC!

A Korean chain opens their first American outlet in America! In NYC! Kimchi and hotdogs and bulgogi all in a wrap!

And speaking of wrap, here’s a wrap-up as to why I haven’t been posting as of late.

I’ve been busy, mostly holed up writing and watching many, many movies.

Yes, I said writing!  The sequel to This Is a Bust is coming out on St. Martin’s/Thomas Dunne/Minotaur in Winter 2010, but the specific “pub date” has not yet been set.

Whew!  I have never written a sequel before and though it was possible with a Chinatown mystery, surely there could never be a sequel to one of the best books ever about Asian American/coming of age/sexual discovery ever?

In any case, it’s been great hanging out with my old pals Robert Chow, John Vandyne, the midget, Paul and of course, Lonnie.

But if you, my real-life pals, miss me — and I mean really miss me in the way that I do you — I heavily suggest you spend your next 66 minutes wisely and go here and watch me.  It’s a reading and Q&A I did last week at Hunter College.

By the way, like many Asian-American studies programs on the East Coast, the administration is messing with the one at Hunter and I strongly suggest you go here to get the full scoop.

In other news, I’ve put up a link for Ed Lin merch.  No, I don’t get any money from this, Mr. IRS Man, but I’m glad to have loaned my image for a good cause.

More soon.


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  1. Superha

    love the chinese new year story. f’n hilarious!

    hey, i’d wear a “ed lin for president” ringer with the center logo from your blog (with the bomb and scrolls). you gonna put that on cafe press?

  2. Superha

    hey, i just heard you knocking west coast asians. what the? oh, it’s on!

  3. chez

    the chinese new year short was great man. it’s as if we had the same childhood.

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