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Get Acquainted With The Stranger

Posted by on Mar 14, 2008 in Asian American, Celebrities, Ed, Writing | 2 comments

I just wrote a column for Seattle’s The Stranger about all the weird people who come to book readings:

A lot of great things happen at readings, enough to make it more than worth my while to step up to the mic. I like hearing that someone loved my book—it made them laugh, cry, whatever. One guy even told me that he read my first novel, Waylaid, in one sitting. On the toilet.

Hey, it made me laugh.

The only downside to readings is when the Weirdies show up. Weirdies love mouthing along during the reading; asking many, many questions during the Q&A; and following the author for blocks afterward.

More here.


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  1. Lois Lane

    i’m so gonna take tons of pictures with you and cindy at your next reading, mumble to the floor, and then walk away eating a pop tart without buying your books, but i’m totally normal. really.

  2. Dino with a banana

    reading the whole book in one dump! who would do something that crazy!!!! Nice quote. I want my friggin royalties dammit!

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