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Cavestomp 2007, Third Night

Posted by on Nov 5, 2007 in Music | 1 comment

Third night, here we go! It’s your MC, Lenny (“It’s a Nugget if you dug it!”) Kaye!


Up first, The Hall Monitors, from DC. Note female guitar player to the right. She becomes the first female in the festival to sing lead on a song.


The Hall Monitors have issued a pass for a special guest: Eddie Angel from Los Straitjackets! Adding Eddie brings hot licks to this band, which is ambitious, but wasn’t really there yet, musically, for me. Great energy, though!


Ah, now it’s The Wildebeests from Scotland. This beat trio sounded great from the get-go, opening with “Skinny Minnie.” Trios typically sound a little thin during guitar solos, but that rectangular guitar cranked out sparks; they sounded even more full during the solos! Great stuff!


The Lyres! Yeah! Nobody danced more to any other band in all three days, and the third-billed band even got to do an encore: “No Reason to Complain.” An Alarm Clocks (who played the previous night) cover.


And now The Fleshtones! They give you the shirt off their backs. At least singer Peter Zaremba will. (He also MC’d the first two Cavestomp nights.) The theatrics (entering the stage from the audience, playing wireless guitars; bassist Ken Fox and guitarist Keith Streng playing each other’s instruments while still wearing their own; playing on top of chairs set up in the middle of the audience) came off well, in fact, for me, better than the music itself. The PA itself was up WAY too high, reducing vocals to amplified subway announcements. The Fleshtones worked their asses off, no doubt, but I’ve never liked their songs (does that make me a jerk?). The live act is great but I don’t think I’d listen to them on my iPod.


The second night of The Sonics! Feeling confident after their triumphant return Friday night, they played louder and looser than the first night. Most notably singer Jerry Roslie was howling and screaming more. The Sonics botched the end of “Have Love, Will Travel,” but hell, they could do no wrong. The crowd wasn’t as jostling as Friday, but the music was utterly pulverizing! I understand original drummer Bob Bennett had flown in from Hawaii to watch from the audience while original bassist Andy Parypa was playing in The Daily Flash that same night (Daily Flash bassist Don Wilhelm was ironically filling in for The Sonics) so I guess the story that Andy had carpal tunnel syndrome and couldn’t play was a ruse! Let’s see all five original Sonics back together in 2008!


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  1. Dennis Flannigan

    Heres’s an mp3 link with one of the Sonics shortly before CaveStomp. There are about eight short segment featuring both Roslie and Parpya

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