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Cavestomp 2007, First Night!

Posted by on Nov 3, 2007 in Music | 4 comments

I’m a big-time fan of The Back From the Grave/Garage Punk Unknowns/Nuggets 60s garage rock reissues/bootlegs, so I was overjoyed to see The Cavestomp back in action! (I was at the last one in 2001, also!)

Well, not a lot to write here, because the human connection with music predates language (our ancestors sang notes to communicate with each other before words were established), but hell, just go listen to The Sonics now now now!

No one is more ready for Cavestomp 2007 than this guy — more than an hour before the doors even open (in fact, you can see that they’re still hanging the friggin posters):

Cavestomp 2007, first night

The Staggers, The Outta Place, The Satelliters and The Thanes all came out and rocked, but the curtain only drops for one band. . .


The Sonics storm out with “He’s Waiting”! Appropriate for the first show in nearly 40 years! Closed the set with “Psycho” and the encore was “Louie Louie” and “The Witch.” Not sure what the wizard T-shirt in front of screamer Jerry “I don’t know why they always spell it ‘Gerry'” Roslie’s keyboard is supposed to represent. . .They play again Sunday night, so for those of you in New York or nearby, come on out! I saw a woman there in a wheelchair, so nobody has any fucking excuses not to come! (Except for my wife, who despises such music.)





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  1. MonkeyBeat

    I so envy you. It sounds like it was a blast.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Greg Bartalos

    Wow! I wish I knew about that. I recently picked up “Introducing the Sonics” and really enjoyed it. Pretty darn rough and tumble for something made more than 40 years ago!

  3. Doris

    She despises 60’s garage bands?! How can anyone despise such music?!

    Glad it was such a blast. I’m bummed I missed it. They better not wait another 6 years to do it again!

  4. burnedouteyes

    ooh, the sonics!

    I effing love “The Witch”!

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