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Barnes & Noble Reading, Yes!

Posted by on Mar 27, 2008 in Ed, Writing | 2 comments


Window Shopping Is Fun When You’re in the Display

Well, I honestly didn’t know that it would be such a broad demographic of people who would show up! Friends and people from work that I see every day, people I’ve only met once, people I haven’t seen in years, and people I didn’t know. Check out these people:


The reading itself went great. I felt powerful — strong enough to beat back the mortgage crisis with both arms behind my back.

I gotta tell you, when I arrived in New York City more than 20 years ago, I came to this very Barnes & Noble at 8th Street and 6th Avenue (across the street from Gray’s Papaya) and about in the same spot where I did my reading, there was this lonely little writer sitting all forlorn in his chair at a table for a book signing. Only nobody seemed to pay attention to him. People in the store were walking right past and completely ignoring him. I felt awful for him; not badly enough to buy a book, though.

So, to everyone who came out: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Next time, we’ll cross the street and the papaya dogs are on me!


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  1. Lois Lane

    what an eclectic bunch. i sometimes buy books just because the author is there and can autograph it. i do feel bad for them, too. glad you had a good reading!

    thanks for your generous support of my relay for life team. you’re a good friend, funnydoggy, to me and your late friend steve.

  2. Lois Lane

    p.s. I MISS GRAY’S PAPAYA!!! i soooo want one right now and i’d wash it down with the papaya drink. no fair!

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