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Back to School!

Posted by on Apr 1, 2008 in Asian American, Ed, Writing | 1 comment


No, not here, the original site by Wall Street and ground zero. The one uptown.

Next week, on Tuesday, April 8, I’ll be heading back to my alma mater, Columbia University, to talk to Gary Okihiro‘s class, which is called something like “Introduction to Asian American Studies.” Class is a little over an hour long, so I’ll just read for like 40 minutes or so and take questions from the students.

Tell ya something, when I was there (class of ’91, mofo), a lot of the Asian clubs such as Asian Students Union and Chinese Students Club were totally run by conservative right-wing, asshole pre-med and pre-law jerks. I wonder if that’s still the case.

But two things tell me that Columbia’s way less whack now than when I was there: 1) There’s an Asian American studies major; 2) There’s a Taiwanese student group. Bring on the dou jiang and sao bing yo tiao!

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  1. Lois Lane

    ah, but do you like the sweet or salty dou jiangs? i’m partial to sweet myself. yo tiaos are so oily and so yummy!

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