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Back in Da City

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From Portland, Maine’s Holiday Inn: Please Reuse The Towels. . .Or I’ll Shred You With My Talons!

Yes, I got back to New York super early Saturday, but I’ve been too overwhelmed by everything until now to recount my travels.  It also didn’t help that the Greyhound I was taking from Cambridge, Mass., to New York arrived for boarding an hour late (11:30 pm instead of 10:30 pm), meaning we’d get back into Da City at 3 am instead of 2 am.  And it really didn’t help that the two women sitting in back of me chatted away on their phones like their minutes wouldn’t carry over.  At one point I had managed to fall asleep but then incredibly one of the women reached over and shook me.  “Do you know where we are?” she asked.  “I was sleeping!” I snapped.  “How was I supposed to know you were sleeping?” she countered.  At that point it was 2 am and everybody on the bus was asleep apart from those two women.  Argh!



They have bunny rabbits running wild downtown!

This city was so clean it made me wanna puke. But I loved the light rail that runs from downtown to Mall of the Americas!  I totally had to go to that mall, you know, just ’cause I’ve never been there.  I ate 1/3 pound of chocolate in about 30 seconds, thoroughly disgusting myself.  Then the guy at the counter suggested I get a chocolate-covered Twinkie.  “You mean a Chocodile?” I asked him.  “What’s a Chocodile?” he said.  Nearly exploding with shocked disbelief, I commanded him in a menacing and even voice to look it up on Wikipedia.


Readings are a piece of cake, nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Yeah, Bryan Thao Worra totally got this cake decorated with the covers of his On the Other Side of the Eye poetry collection, my This Is a Bust and the No Regrets chapbook from the beautiful and talented Saymoukda “mo0ks” Vongsay.  The reading was totally cool, at the Loft Literary Center.  The most amazing thing about Minneapolis: I never met another Chinese/Taiwanese American.  Dude, the Asian community is strong in Lao and Hmong representation!  Yes! Bryan and mo0ks, thank you so much for showing me that good ol’ Midwestern hospitality!

Exeter, N.H.


 Isn’t that Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws?

I was kinda bummed that only one person in this beautiful town showed up for the reading.  I didn’t know who he was at first, but the fact that he showed up late and popped open a soda noisily in the middle should have clued me in.  It’s Brian LaRaia!  From college, man!  Jesus, I got details on this brutha!  I’ll never starve so long as I can blackmail him, ha ha ha!  We went to a Mexican place (in New Hampshire?) that was probably pretty awesome if you were drunk off your ass.  Thank you so much for having me, Water Street Bookstore and Sarah Onufer!

Portland, Maine



I had good press going in and I also had the backing of The Man Who Loves Books, Chris Bowe.


Chris Bowe of Longfellow Books, one of the most beautiful men in the world.

People there were very cool and I loved reading for them.  Check out this blog entry on the reading that includes me in my Sonics shirt!  Portland has an awesome museum of art and I loved how so many people, both men and women, had tatts. This is a tough fucking town with heart, I said to myself. I was sad to leave, but I’m definitely coming back.  Thank you so much Longfellow Books, Chris and Phyllis!

Cambridge, Mass.

Damn, how come I didn’t take no pictures?  Luckily, this dude’s blog entry tells it all!  I love the low-light picture of me reading (well, shoot, what picture of me don’t I love?).  It looks like a back-of-the-album photo from like a Mott the Hoople record or something.  I was psyched that my pals David Yoo and Alex Luu showed up.  Thank you so much for having me at East Meets West: Eugene Shih, Van Lee and Ash Hsie!

I had gotten into Cambridge from Portland at 5 pm.  The reading was at 8 pm.  I got to the bus station at 10 pm.

You know what the hell happened next.  Grrrr….


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  1. Chang

    Yo, Ed! The reading as kickass. Glad Cambridge was good, too. Sorry about the hags on the bus.

    I met Jonathan Lethem the next night and he shocked me by recognizing my MC 900ft Jesus shirt. God damn! Anyway, I also plugged your book to him and anyone who would listen big time.

    I would think NYC beats us for tats any day of the week.

    Rock on and write more!

    – Brittney, aka Chang, aka Charlie

  2. Superha

    you’ve got a pretty exciting life, ed. 🙂

  3. Richard Dreyfus

    Hey, just remember payback is bitch! Eduardo Lindo!

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